I have been an environmental educator in one form or another my entire life (click to open my resume in a new window).

Most recently, I was the executive director of a non-profit environmental education organization, where I designed, implemented and executed environmental programs for students from every imaginable background and age group.

I have led about 5,000 miles worth of guided nature hikes and reached tens of thousands of people through live animal programs.

For almost a decade, I was responsible for monitoring a 46-acre nature preserve and coordinating its protection and care with thousands of volunteers, eagle scouts, private contractors and local municipalities.

During this time, I became an ISA-certified arborist; helped design and construct several new trails; and created interpretive signage to improve the visitor experience.

In addition to several pet care books, I have written and published social media content, newsletters, blogs and promotional materials for non-profit organizations, retail establishments and the service industry. I have been featured in Countyline Magazine, appeared on Radio Disney and been a guest on the Lucky Yates Talk Show.

I have also amassed about two decades worth of professional animal care experience, while caring for animals representing hundreds of taxa.

I have a special affinity for squamate reptiles (snakes and lizards), but I am also captivated by canids, birds, insects and fish. I supplemented my income for many years through the captive production of Morelia pythons, bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) and other assorted critters.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my beautiful wife and our beloved dog. We spend entirely too much time fishing, rooting on the Atlanta Falcons and watching Parks and Recreation reruns.